Completed Projects

Support a widow's livelihood

Farmer suicide has been particularly emotional for us. It is unbearable to know that farmers took their lives because of insolvency or they lost their life-savings in buying seeds/pesticide that did not work in their fields or for many other reasons. We believe farmers are the backbone for a thriving country and they must be supported by all means possible. For those farmers that took their lives, the responsibility of sustenance unfortunately falls on their surviving family members. We are seeking donations to help such families that we identified and vetted. Please help us in supporting the widows so they can have a livelihood and live sustainably. Please click on individual tiles to learn more about the family you might be willing to help.

Donate to Manaloni Manishi Foundation

Your donations will be responsibly used to fund various activities that include but not limited to funding students’ education and sustainable farming initiatives. Please click below to donate to the MMF.