Our Passion

Giving back to farmers

Agriculture is the most sacred profession in the world, giving us means to survive and live healthy. Every farmer contributing towards keeping us out of hunger should live with dignity and deserve a respectful position in the society. We want to provide hope to helpless farmers by enabling them and make them feel that their lives, profession, and services are invaluable to the society.

Nurturing our children

Education is a right for every kid in this world. No deserving student should be denied of this basic right, because he/she cannot afford it. We want to be a global network of compassionate people that stand together in financially supporting talented students and see them become responsible and educated citizens of the world.

What else are we passionate about?

Children empowerment

We impart aspiring children various skills via programs such as math, public speaking, chess clubs, and also coach for competitive events such as the FIRST LEGO League.

LifeServe Blood donations

Our volunteers donate blood through LifeServe's blood donation drive.

Habitat for Humanity

We volunteer to build homes through Greater Des Moines Habitat for Humanity.

Meals from the Heartland

We pack meals for malnourished people in Iowa, across the United States, and around the world every month.

Congregate meals

We provide home cooked meals to the needy at the Epworth United Methodist Church every month.

Cultural and ethnic awareness

We chant Srimadh Bhagawad Geetha with kids, and explain life lesson stories.

Our team

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